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Choosing a professional SEO company from a plethora of choices is particularly exhausting and no amount of gambling can place your company, top in the SERP’s. Thus, it is critical that you make your preference list of an expert team, who are capable of implementing every practical search engine optimization strategy that you demand of and they must be updated of the latest SEO tactics, which are initiated by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. We, the Truemax team has a genuine interest in helping our clients to enhance their businesses by creating a strong and positive web presence. From the very first day of our operation, we have been providing transparency and high quality SEO services through a series of research and experimentation procedures. Below listed are some of the tactics which are being applied:

SEO Process

Preparing the health report of your business website

  • Clearance of the previous trash content: Before we begin our SEO adventure, we track the previous digital m activities being carried out on the site, till date (if any) and the trash content is completely “cleared off”. 
  • Conducting a close penalty check: The website is thoroughly dug for finding out the Google Penalties, that might havarketinge struck as the result of an update or any strategy.
  • Analyzing each and every web page: Through site crawl simulation, each and every web page is scanned and analyzed for any errors.
  • Tracking the link profiles: Since link building is an ever changing procedure, which is mutually depended on search algorithms, link profiles on your website are closely examined to bring out the perfect results.

On page search engine optimization – the first step

  • Content optimization: Gone are the days, when the content on your site was evaluated by quantity, rather than quality; Panda updates are being carried out on your website such that all the low quality content on your website are “caught” red-handed. Through the procedure of site content fixing, we pick up these contents before the Google Masters find them and replace them with standard and unique contents.
  • Implementation of the perfect Google Tools: By implementing the latest Google Webmaster tools and Analytics, we optimize the web pages in such a way that it strikes the targeted audience with a “bang”, thus enhancing the visibility to an optimum level.
  • Optimization of images: If your site has already achieved the “half support” of the Google, where is the other half gone? The images.. Images are capable of retrieving high traffic, provided the perfect optimization is being carried out, which is done by our expert panel.

Off-page optimization – the second step

  • Microsites creation and development: We develop microsites of your main website enriched with high quality keywords, a perfect URL structure and content, such that  it draws qualified traffic from the audience.
  • Internal and external link building techniques: Through internal link building processes, an SEO friendly architecture of your site is developed and maintained in a consistent manner. Each and every pathway of your website is crawled and analyzed by our professional SEO spiders.
  • Directory submission of articles, press releases and blogs: By embedding the Google targeted list of keywords in articles, press releases and blogs, at the same time maintaining the rules and regulations of “content creation”, they are submitted to the specific directories.

 Apart from the tactics which are specified above, Social Media Optimization (SMO) techniques, reputation management, Pay per click strategies (PPC campaigns) and final revision of the whole strategies are being carried out in every web page of your site, thus improving your search results.

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Treuemax Search Engine Optimization Process

  • Previous Penalty Check
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Site Crawl Simulation
  • URL Structure Check
  • Link Profile Analysis

  • Site Content fixing
  • Crawl issues and URL structure
  • Webmaster tools and analytics setup
  • Site html tags fixing
  • Image tags optimization
  • Creation of Sitemap
  • Keyword Density Fixing

  • Link Building
  • Article, PR, Web 2.0 Submissions
  • Micro sites creation
  • Tier 2 Link creation
  • Indexing
  • Blog inside the website &internal link building

  • Facebook Fan Page creation
  • Google+ Page and promotion
  • Twitter setup and tweets
  • Linkedin Company Profile
  • Pinterest Boards

  • Rank check
  • Alexa Analysis
  • Bounce Rate analysis
  • Webmaster tools improvements analysis
  • Revision of strategy