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Improving LinkedIn’s ad Platform: Three Methods That Can Make it Happen

Have you ever analyzed LinkedIn’s strategy on advertising domain? In fact, it is more of in a status of neutrality rather than working in favor or against the advertisers. Recently they announced their updating on advertiser preference that is complementing the client on tracking down conversion rate. On the other side, it is frustrating to understand that this platform is not supporting the advertisers in bringing more Return on Investment (ROI), corresponding to the money they spend on advertisement.

Many investors accept that LinkedIn does support their advertising campaigns occasionally, but at the same time expecting consistent success rate will leave you distressed. So here are some suggestions that can help in triggering success in its ad platform.

Inducting Auction System, Eliminate Minimum Bids

In LinkedIn the Cost-Per-Click is inflexible, and many investors find it is better with Facebook, Google Platform. So definitely eliminating the Minimum bids through integrating the Auction system can definitely be favorable to the investors. The value generated from the advertisement will help the market conclude the success rate of impression.

Focusing on Prospectus Audience

The traditional concept of targeting general audience, based on geographical location, client’s interest is now outdated. It has been explored that these kind of approach is bringing no benefits to the advertisers with slow graphed Return of Investments (ROI). In fact Facebook has a different kind of approach that is contributing better income to the advertisers. Here the advertisers’ database is utilized in the best way for targeting prospectus audience through phone number and emails. Moreover, the website visitors; are also targeted to ensure execution of re-marketing strategy.

So LinkedIn can also try out such kind of modifications if they really wish to work on their advertisers’ conversion rate. In turn this makes the advertisers perform better on the platform, generating best Return on Investment (ROI).

Developing Ads Editor

If you check the technical excellence on other social media sites, everyone is updating the convenience for the users, advertisers regularly. For instance Google, Facebook , Bing have their own ad word editors that is making the platform more flexible. In fact it is a genuine commitment to the investor who spends millions on the social media ad platform.

It is frustrating to accept that working with the LinkedIn’s ad platform is lagging, if you really wish to shoot up the target point of your business. Including a power editor can bring a lot of convenience to their advertisers, making their investment valuable in terms of profit.

However LinkedIn is a powerful social media, but at the same time some improvements in its ad platform is indispensable for acquiring profit for the advertisers. According to different studies the above three updating can bring on changes that can overcome the setbacks met by the advertisers’.

The potential of the LinkedIn cannot be valued unless it executes required technical updating on its ad platform. And once the step is taken, it is obvious that LinkedIn can jump over into the row as toughest competitor among Google, Facebook and Bing.