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Professional treatment to all clients

Different companies will have different amount of resources that are readily available for disposal. A company which employs a huge work force will be far more resourceful compared to small company with only a handful working for them. Our aim is be of service to both these types of companies without showing any kin d of preference. We are a professional SEO company that has been providing high quality service for numerous years now.   We have in place a wide variety of packages that encompasses different services. Companies can choose the one that they believe is best suited to their web sites needs.

Diverse service packages offered by Treuemax

No two companies will have the same needs or ways of doing things. We carefully studied the market and come up with different packages that will cover the needs of almost anyone. Some of the salient aspects of these packages and pricing are

  • Custom designed plans to cater specific needs
  • Compatible with all the latest Google updates like Panda and Penguin
  • Using the Social signals to generate the right kind of hype
  • Building links that are of top quality and supporting them with engaging content
  • Varied to pricing to allocate different style clients

Though the amount of money spend may vary from package to package, we make it a priority to make certain that each clients is treated the same way- with utmost professionalism.

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  • 5-7 Keywords
  • Up-to 5 Pages
  • Penguin & Panda Friendly
  • Basic SMO
  • Articles, PR, Blogging
  • 50+ Live Links
  • Suitable for Local Business


  • 12-15 Keywords
  • Up-to 10 Pages
  • Penguin & Panda Friendly
  • Medium SMO
  • Articles, PR, Blogging
  • 100+ Live Links
  • Suitable for Small Business


  • 25 Keywords
  • Up-to 15 Pages
  • Penguin & Panda Friendly
  • Heavy SMO
  • Articles, PR, Blogging
  • 200+ Live Links
  • Suitable for Large Business


  • 50 Keywords
  • Up-to 30 Pages
  • Penguin & Panda Friendly
  • Heavy SMO
  • Articles, PR, Blogging
  • 350+ Live Links
  • Suitable for E commerce Websites