Ecommerce SEO Services

Boosting E-commerce Sales – Keep in pace the latest “SEO strategies”

Lately, a research study by Optify produced a statement “an average click-through rate of 36.4 percent is obtained by the websites that owned the first position in the search results, while the others possessed a low 12.5% and goes to a meagre 3.5%.”

So, what do these results specify? The Websites have to work hard to gain the attractive “first position” in the search results. It is going to be harder and complex for the e-commerce sites who are trying to get noticed, amidst the tough competitors like Amazon and Flipkart.  The commercial sites are being replaced by search engine Ads and shopping programs and the contents have become more result-oriented, than the actual products. Considering the fluctuation of the customer’s prospective over these years, they feel now more safe and secured with the “within the comforts of our home” shopping and the purchase rates are enhancing, than ever before. When looking through the positive phase, such results have presented a wonderful opportunity for the e-commerce websites to implement powerful SEO strategies that would boost up their sales.

Employing a reputed and professional SEO panel would be the foremost “chance” that you are left with; all these chances can be converted to positive lead generation by the most cohesive, strong and supportive team of Truemax, an SEO company popular for implementing the perfect strategies that “works” and always keeps you ahead in the “game”.

So, you might be really excited to know how the SEO panel is going to produce you with the surprising results.. Let us have a close look on some (not limited to these) search engine optimization tricks.

Ecommerce SEO Services

Evaluating e-commerce platforms – the major steps that can create the “difference”

  • Impact of Information Architecture and URL structure – stepping into the initial stages: Do you believe in the notion that, the work of the SEO consultants or the analyst, begins only after the whole construction of the website? Well, we do not believe so..Right from the initial stages, we work together with the information architect, the web designer and the software developer to build an e-commerce site that would meet the needs of the public as well as the search engines. With the integration of a proper and non-repetitive URL structure that includes URL parameters and session UIDs, the overall site is being strengthened, without the usual collision of the internal pages. That obviously means, we perform the “SEO magic” right from the beginning..
  • Resolving the duplicate content issues in the site: “Duplicate content” is one such word that every search engine dreads…such issues are being analyzed by our expertise panel through techniques like advanced filtering and search.
  • Loading up the e-commerce websites with essential features: We always create SEO-friendly websites that not only gives the online visitors a visual treat, but makes them more engaging and interactive. By introducing “gamification”, the users get the opportunity to participate in discussions and forums with the building up of Social Media contacts and “pInterest” style collections. We always make it a point to research and research on the latest updates, so as to keep in pace with the tough competitors. Many of the initial steps like signing up for making a purchase are minimized, such that the pages do not get distractive to the users.
  • Optimizing – Updated of the latest SEO updates: Talking of the Google updates, an ecommerce site is often attacked by “Panda” and they are usually designed to hit the sites, which focus much on advertising and create issues for the user. With the implementation of the perfect SEO tactics, we ensure that your e-commerce site is “up-to-date”.